The future of Windlip Snowboards

Those of you who are familiar with the Windlip story already know that our laminating history and experience started with our former careers in the yachting industry.

We have now been offered a chance to take a sailing yacht from New Zealand on a long cruise to South Korea via Australia, Fiji, Indonesia and the Philippines.  We feel that we can not turn down the offer of such an adventure and therefore we will not be building and new boards this year.

We are not sure how long this project will take but after it we hope to relocate Windlip to Colorado in the  USA. 

Last winter we spent 3 weeks in colorado doing research for the future "Basecamp Windlip" with lots of meeting and lots of great riding! 

We think its going to be an exciting future!

We apologise to anyone who was hoping to order a custom board for this winter, we will keep you informed as to when we will be next in production via the Windlip Facebook pages.

In the meantime, shred some turns for us when you hit the pow!

Dan and Lisa

lisa robinson
lisa robinson