Windlip; (Cornice) The shape of a perfect wave formed by wind driven snow.

We are very proud of the boards we make. The natural shapes and elegant graphics evoke notions of big mountains, backcountry riding and graceful craftsmanship. 

Snowboards are more than just tools for riding down the piste. To passionate, dedicated riders, they can be a talisman in dangerous conditions on perilous mountains. A work of art, or a trusted companion. Seasoned riders often describe their boards as magic and because the best boards are hand crafted they are hard to find!




Windlip Dan


Dan, the engineer, builds all of Windlip's machines, shapes and builds all of the boards. 

Started boarding in 1986. Favorite mountains: Chamonix, Whistler, Red mountain, Tod mountain, Les Arcs

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Windlip lisa


Lisa, the designer, does all of the graphics and finishing

Started boarding in 1991. Favourite mountains: Red mountain, Tod mountain, Les Arcs, Courchevel, Meribel.

Windlip Lisa



Memories count for a lot, the past seasons, different countries, different mountains. The places we ride, deep powder, tight trees and couloires, and great days riding with friends. 

I guess all seasoned riders ask the same question at sometime "What would be the perfect board for me, for how I ride, where I ride and could that board actually be found."

In 2006 we asked that question and we were not satisfied with the answers. It seemed odd, if a surfer could have a board shaped specifically for him then why not a snowboarder? 

Of course we could answer that question, we have the technical skills, the engineering background and over 10 years of riding under our belts. We could build them, better than anyone else. Boards that not only perform and look great but become treasured possessions that give years of riding pleasure.

Dan and Lisa Robinson, mechanical engineer meets graphic designer, bingo!

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