"Bamboo IOT Art" Freestyle, all mountain 145-163cm.

LOT Art is the work of Jason from Brighton in the south of the UK. We love his work and you can see more of it

  • IOT Art is the work of Jason from Brighton in the south of the UK. We love his work and you can see more of it HERE

    We started using bamboo in our “Ethic build” snowboard several years ago for its green credentials. But we find it so much like a natural carbon fiber that we have incorporated it into our new freestyle board. It also has a bamboo core and between that and the bamboo structural topsheet you feel a different kind of “Pop”. Agility and light control is what we were after here, like freestyle you might say! Suitable for all levels who just wanna play! Available in 145, 150, 155, 160 and 163cm. Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red & Pink. Customers from outside of Europe should order via the contact page to purchase tax free. Build time: 3 weeksFree shipping worldwide

  • So the viper is all terrain performance, the woody is full on big mountain freeride. But what about riders that want to mess around pulling 180’s and 360’s on and off the piste? Ok, here’s our concept, bamboo core and topsheet for pop, a slight camber so you can load it up, a twin tip shape but with a slight setback for the hole pattern to give it direction and an extra pair of hole inserts for a wider stance option for stability. With its mellow side-cut, the bamboo concept is about having fun on the hill, day in, day out! We wanted to keep this topsheet design simple and clean, still sticking to our roots, so no plastic topsheet! Why, because plastic can not absorb resin therefore its a non structual bond. Bamboo on the other hand makes a great bond! So the whole decoration of the board contributes to the performance.
  • Core  Bamboo
    Reinforcement 100% glass triax
    Base  Printed sintered clear base by ISO sport
    Topsheet  Bamboo veneer, painted graphics, hard gloss coating
    Inserts & Edges  Stainless steel, 20, 5X2 pattern, Ceramic finished edges
    Length:145 cm  Side cut: 7.6m, widths: 272, 234, 272. Rider weight 40-60kg
    Length:150 cm  Side cut: 8m, widths: 285, 240, 285. Rider weight 40-80kg
    Length:155 cm  Side cut: 8.2m, widths: 290, 250, 290. Rider weight 50-90kg
    Length:160cm  Side cut: 8.4m, widths: 300, 260, 300. Rider weight 60-100kg
    Length:163cm  Side cut: 8.5m, widths: 310, 270, 310. Rider weight 70-110kg
  •   "Viper" "Bamboo" "Woodstock"
    Rider level 2 up 1 up 3 up
    Power 3 2 4
    FreeRide 3 1 4
    Freestyle 2 4 1
    Response 3 2 4
    Edge hold 3 2 4
    Manoeuvrability 3 3 2
    Stiffness 3 2 4
    Carving  3 1 4
    Speed 3 2 4
    Lowest - 1 Medium - 2 Good -3  Highest - 4
  • 1/ All of our snowboards have a 2 year guarantee (Terms and conditions apply, please see our help page).

    2/ All snowboards have a lifetime service: This means that if you send us your board we will tune the base and edges, fill any base holes, wax and buff the base and give the top a new clear coat, finally we send you your board back as good as new! 

    3/ If you buy your snowboard and you are not happy with it you can return it to us to receive a full refund: The snowboard must be un-used, should be returned at the customers cost and packed to the same standard that the snowboard was received to recover a 100% refund. 

    4/ You may love your snowboard so much that you want to order another, it doesnt have to be the same, then we offer 20% off your second order and 30% off following orders (there is no time limit) 

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